As followers of Jesus Christ, Jackdup4Jesus is commanded to make disciples; other followers of Jesus Christ. We come alongside other organizations and individuals to follow Jesus Christ together.

It’s a joy to see the lives of inmates and addicts be radically transformed by the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, but that is just the beginning. Discipleship is a command where as the church, the body and family of Christ, we strive together to not only obey and follow Jesus, but to encourage and spur each other on. This too is a lifelong commitment of a fully surrendered Christ follower, and it’s the mission of Jackdup4Jesus.

Jackdup4Jesus has designed simple and evolving Bible studies to provide Holy Spirit led guidance to others seeking discipleship and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. As Christ followers, we don’t “graduate” from learning, teaching, and preaching God’s Word for it’s a lifelong joyous commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Before & After Bible study is in Franco’s autobiography book and you can access it for free under the resources page on our website. This study includes:

  • Surrendering your entire life to Jesus Christ
  • Carrying your cross (What does it mean to follow Jesus?)
  • Embracing God’s grace
  • "The Workout": God’s Word, Prayer, Worship, Acts of Service

Another free Bible study is our G.R.I.P. study which is one of the studies we use with inmates, addicts, and those in recovery. This too can be located under the resources page on our site.

  • Grace
  • Righteousness
  • Identity
  • Purity & Power